Beautiful Mess Series Update

Published October 17, 2011 by DiamondStar Entertainment


The Beautiful Mess Series is well under its way with the release of its first novel, Beautiful.

Beautiful introduces you to Sean, Shireece, Tierra, Qu and Vito, 5 childhood friends and their journey.
Join them and travel along beside them as they endure life Beautiful things, and the  messes even the most
Beautiful of things can be hiding.

Read how they unravel the mix ups, the miscommunications, the deception, with their own personal wants and desires.

Beautiful, not only introduces you to the 5 friends but takes you deep into the life of Tierra and Qu, who were so close growing  up,
people thought they were brother and sister. As Tierra internerlizes her inner demons, she separates herself from her mother, Abuela
and puts all her energy and effort on being at the top of her game in the business world.  She has successfully worked her way to the top of the ladder at Baxwell Entertprisez, an all male run company. But from the time she wakes up calling out Qu’s name, things begin to fall apart in this well put together woman’s world.

Before she knows it, she’s inadvertently spilled deep dark secrets to her Abuela that lands her estranged mother on her doorstep. Qu shows up with a desire to rekindle their friendship and Tierra’s biggest client, fires her in an effort to shut down all her excuses NOT to date him. Before she knows it, she is being called into the bosses office and his attorney is waiting for her with news rocks her future.

Qu, is seeking to start life a new. With the loss of a loved one fresh on his heart, he seeks the warm embrace of his best friend, Tierra. Running from his parents, her parents and his emotions, Qu must face up to what he is really feeling before its too late.

In the meantime Sean and Shireece Willis are the couple everyone has loved to hate. But lately the only thing reminding Shireece that she is a married woman is the ring on her finger. Sean is focused on being the provider to his wife and family, his father never was. In the meantime, he may lose the very thing he is working overtime to please.

Vito, the youngest of the group, is in no way looking for love, but the next right now. As owner of ViFlaa Entertainment he is planning his First Annual White Ball and has a few surprises up his sleeve for those in attendance. Known for being self absorbed, he will have to put all that aside when one of the 5 ends up in a fight for their life.

Take a journey that is sure to jerk at your heart strings, test your faith and leave you guessing all the way to the end.

FMI Beautiful view the trailer and order your copy. Beautiful is avail on Amazon, B&N, Nook, Kindle  and from my personal website.


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