Meet the Beautiful Characters

Published November 17, 2011 by DiamondStar Entertainment

Tierra Rodriquez –

29 years old, 5′ 3″, very curvaceous, vanilla caramel complexion, honey colored eyes, natural long, brown hair with golden highlights. She’s an only child, her father passed away when she was 10 yrs old. After high school she couldn’t wait to get away from everything that reminded her of home. 10 yrs later and she estranged from her mother and barely speaks to her paternal grandmother, (who she calls her Abuela).

Now residing in New England, she is the head of the Marketing, Media and Entertainment Department at Baxwell Enterprisez. She only trusts a handful of people and has only been on one date in her whole adult life, though many many man request the pleasure of her company. Tierra Rodriquez has no time for love…only success!


Aquarian Skeen –

31 years old, 6′ 3″, 200lbs, muscular,  green eyes, brown hair worn in braids below shoulder length, has one sister, parents still married.

He went to college after H.S. Currently lives in California doing A&R and artist management. Very spiritual. Was like an older brother to Tierra growing up. They were always with one another that their parents began to refer to them as PB&J. He is in the process of moving to New England to partner with long time friend Vito at his record company.


Shireece –

28 yrs old,  5’5,  average shape, curvy, peanut butter brown complexion. The bored lonely stay at home wife of Sean Willis. She gave up on her dream of a singing career to be the support system he needed, at the insistence of her mother. Now, with Sean spending more and more time at the office and less time at home, Shireece is looking for something to occupy her time… Idle hands…. It’s not that she doesn’t love her husband, she does. he is her first, her last, her only…it’s just the family never came, the love is fading… and now what?


Sean Willis

31 yrs old, 6’1, tall sleek toned. The oldest of three, his father waked away after his youngest sibling 5th birthday and never returned. Sean was 12. He vowed to make up for what his father did and as soon as he was able to he got a job and contributed to the house. As an adult, he is married to his High School sweetheart and has promised to be the man his father never was.

Yet, in his zeal to provide for his wife more mother and siblings, is he forgetting one important thing…how to be a good husband? And, will a promotion that secures all he ever wanted cost him all his heart desires?



Aquarian’s only sibling. 19 yrs old, light brown sugar complexion, pretty brown eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. She is just completing her last year of High School. She has led a VERY sheltered life and as a result is naive to the ways of the street. She has received a full scholarship to  UMASS College in Amherst Massachusetts, and is counting the days until she is out from under her parents overly protective, strict thumb.



30 yrs old, 5’9, no one really knows if he is Caucasian or Hispanic. He looks both, with a can milk complexion, grey eyes, black wavy hair and a body built by the Gods. Vito is more than suave. He is blessed, or cursed depending on what side your on, with the gift of persuasion. He can talk a nun out of her panties (and has).

The owner of ViFlaa Entertainment, a  company he built up from selling bootleg Cd’s in High School to now managing major artist. This ladies man’s bed is never empty, but rarely sees the same face twice…and likes it that way…to his parents disappointment.



28 years old, voluptuous, curvy,  widowed mother of 4, who finally made her dream of owning a upscale restaurant a reality.  After her husband of 5 years dies unexpectedly, she instantly becomes the sole provider of 2 step children, and her set of twins by her deceased husband.  Jade has an exotic alluring look and could actually have any man she wants, but since the death of her husband Jade hides buries herself doing all she can NOT to think of her pain.

But when one of her step children becomes deathly ill, will it reveal more than she can handle? All she has left is left is her children and her restaurant…or does she?



35 years old, 6’5″, smooth silky chocolate complexion, mesmerizing brown eyes, and a body that you have to see to believe. He is an ex Basketball player turn executive when an injury took him out the game in his 5th year pro. He is Tierra’s biggest and most influential client. The reason she is at Baxwell Enterprizes, his referral earned her a deeper look. But now he wants to be MORE than just a client and won’t settle for a NO. But… is there more to him then meet the eye? Something Darker…and why does Sean think he knows him?


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