Model of the Week

Published November 17, 2011 by DiamondStar Entertainment

Tricia McClure

Fashion is a reflection of oneself to the world! A form of self expression that stands out, yet defines you as an individual…Tricia McClure
Retricia McClure is a creative ambitious mother and resident of New England.  She is an advertisement and runway model for Jus10h Clothing Line as well as  a model for Nocturnal Void Magazine as part of the Fatale Morgana Elite (FME’s) Model Troupe. She has been a part of many photo shoots, videos, and runway shows throughout her modeling career.
Tricia, as those close to her call her, gives 100% to every project, always wanting to put her Best Foot Forward. Her definition of “The Best” is one who strives to be, to live, and love, with only The Best intentions. She strives to be not only a role model for her children, but also to those around her, to show them that you can accomplish your dreams and goals, no matter where you start. No matter where you come from or your beginnings you can achieve greatness, if you never give up and keep reaching and pressing forward.
 Photographer: Shane Suban
Contact Info
Lead Model-Woman’s Division

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