A bit of Truth for my Fellas

Published January 8, 2014 by DiamondStar Entertainment

I came across this post on FB and i just HAD to share… can you say POWERFUL words of wisdom… I can

Written by: Melissa Harris
I’m really not trying to start a gender war here…..But I pray that you take what I am saying into consideration and not as an attack…but a statement of pure concern. I really just want to speak on what I have been witnessing….I have been witnessing men being very angry and frustrated towards women and I think the men that are demonstrating frustration and anger may need to purge or deal with some past and present issues of rejection…because I see a lot of projecting going on from men on my page and on the page of others. I see a lot of men expressing to women that women are bitter, as well as telling women that they are worthless if they are not married or in a relationship…as well as if they are not in relationships by a certain age that no one is going to want them. Now from my understanding and experience of the men in my family…men are suppose to be the protectors, providers and head of the woman…now there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself to a woman in terms of if you see her in a hurtful situation or if you see her going down the wrong path to let her know that she is headed down the wrong path….yes as women we need to hear that if that is truly the case….But trying to make women feel bad because they are single I believe is a sort of manipulation that men have started using…if men are going to tear a woman down…and tell her that she will never amount to anything then women and men are in a very sad situation because we both need each other…..lets try to do better (If this is you and you are the only one that knows in your own heart of hearts that it’s you…then please deal with whatever is going on right now or has gone on in the past so you can learn to be a better person for yourself and others around you.) For the women…I know how we can be generally speaking but I didn’t create this post for us to start going off and ranting on men…we must learn to be quiet sometimes and allow things to happen…and pray that things will have a positive end….sometimes there is wisdom in silence….Please know that both men and women need each other and it’s time for us to deal with our issues….

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