About ME

Hi, thank you so much for following my blog that is dedicated to m”Beautiful Mess Series.” I figured I’d take a moment and tell you all the juicy details about me, who I am and why it is that i do what it is that i do.

First things first, my name. Well i’m sure you’ve tried your best to say it and feel as if you’re not saying it right. More than likely you’re right. 🙂 but that is not your fault it is not easy to say, I think i’ve only had 2 people in my literary career pronounce it right without being told how to say it first. Ki-eek-sa, is the pronunciation of my name. I hope this helps if not you can just call me Kie, (like sky) yeah people mess that u p too, and say it like Key. LOL But it’s all good, I am a great sport about it. You have to be when you know you have a name that most can’t say until you say it for them! But it is one that sticks in their minds, once they hear it, so i love it.

Now, let’s see a bit of background on me. I am the eldest child of my mother and father. my mother has 4 other children and my father has 3, but i claim to be the eldest of 11, which included ex-step siblings, and adopted into the family by mere closeness siblings as well. Once you’re family, you’re family as far as I am concerned. It may not go both ways, but for me that is how i feel.

Being the eldest though, wasn’t a happy joyous event for me. I lived with my fathers mother until i was about 9. In those early years, there aren’t many memories of me visiting my mother. Never really asked if i visited her often either. My first memory of her was my taking a taxi from my grandmothers house, to my mothers house and taxi driver making a comment about her. “WOO, she is gorgeous. No way she is your mother, she looks to young.” She had two braided ponytails, and looked like Pocahontas. Yeah she was Beautiful.

At the age of 9 i went to live with my father and soon thereafter life became a confused back and forth between my father, my mother, my aunt even my mothers, mother at one point. I was a rebellious child. Not BAD! i got really good grades in school and rarely was in a fight or in trouble. When i was the school staff was always shocked. I was yearning for something that i didn’t know how to express. Acting out, didn’t get me whatever it was i wanted. So, I don’t know what I thought I was accomplishing by doing so. But, I supposed it did something for me. I guess that is why now, I can understand why some children act the way they do. While, others want to label them BAD, or defiant i want to get to the root of the issue behind the anger, and the outbursts. I want to help the child see, that their actions accomplish nothing, but more trouble and figure out what it is that they are really trying to say.

I used to preform poetry. I was such an outlet for me. To be able to say what is going on in a way that people can get it, was exhilarating and scary. I remember sweating and being drenched by the time i’d get off stage. My non-existent self-esteem, made it hard to take compliments. Though i loved what i was doing. I never really felt as good as the other poets. Their poems had bigger words in them, got bigger applause, they were able to recite from memory, while i still needed to use a paper.  I was my biggest critic. I’ve since learned to appreciate my good and my bad. I’m not saying it’s easy to get here, but it is worth the effort.

Writing a book, was not in my plans. i was going to go to college for architecture. Get a great position be one of those women that people took notice of  in her position. I’d go to culinary school on the weekends or something. Design my dream home and after i finished culinary school, build my dream restaurant. Yep, those were my dreams. But, not ever hearing the words, you can do it, you can make it, your special, your smart, slowly put out those fires. I had my first child at 19 and my second at 21. Not to say I couldn’t go to college still, but i had no drive. I felt alone. There was no  help, no one in my corner urging me on, and I wasn’t strong enough to do it alone.

After more than a few people, told me i had a story to share and that i needed to share it. i sat down one day to my computer and tried to begin. As a child i was victim to abuse in all it’s ugly forms, and some of them carried over in to my adult life. So there was much to say, i wasn’t on drugs, wasn’t drinking away the pain. I didn’t feel i was well adjusted, which is why i was in therapy, but everyone even my therapist saw things in me i didn’t. To their credit, writing a book, was the medicine i needed. Though when i sat down to share all i had been through i didn’t know how to do it, I couldn’t get the words out, a story came out none the less.

The Beautiful Mess Series, is to start a 5 part sequel about 5 childhood friends, all grown now and who end up still living working near and with each other. Each book takes on different things we all go through  and in the end the reader will hopefully walk away having learned something from the book. I don’t want to just entertain you, while you read. I hope to also shed some light on things that we may otherwise not think of. many of life’s destruction’s are Beautiful. We can think things look awesome, rosy on the outside, yet someone can be miserable and dark on the inside. This is the Beautiful Mess, i will expose in this series.

With many more books now in my head biding their time. You can be sure i’ve been more than bitten by the literary bug. A cookbook, poetry books, sci-fi book, and several anthology collaborations there is a lot coming up. Oh yeah, that auto-biography, that started this whole journey, that is being planned as well.

So, i hope i’ve given you a good starting look into who Kie, Rodriquez is as a person and a writer. I look forward to providing many many wonderful stories for your reading pleasure, for years to come.

Currently, i reside in Virginia, with my fiance / business partner and my younger two children. She is half of the dynamic Tony n Kie Show, a weekly BlogTalkRadio show. She contributes bi-weekly to the Writers-Vibe by Kisha Green, as well as Blog Carnival, by Mashawn Mickles. She is a book reviewer for So Fyh Magazine, Editing Couture and a contributing reviewer for Dream4More. Kie has been interviewed by, submitted stories and articles for publication to Matties Periodical, Naughty Ink Press, TheCEOMamma, SheBiz.net, Soulful nights, Christian Women Lifestyles Xpress, On the Rise Magazine, Sormag, WritersPOV and more..


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