The Beautiful Mess Series


The Beautiful Mess Series is the creation of the literary mind, of Author Kiexiza Rodriquez.

This series came about as she attempted to put her life down in written form, and was able to.
With prayer and dedication, she wrote her debut novel Beautiful, none-the-less and realized quite quickly er readers wanted to know more about her characters. Hence, the series was created.

Initially it was to be 5 books, with each character being the lead character in each book. But, with book 1 being about 2 characters, book 2 being about another 2, she learned to just let the books go where the story went.
The Series is a read along journey in the lives of 5 childhood friends and the people in their inner circle.

What do you do when you go after your hearts desires and it turns into dust? When everything you think you are doing for the right reasons turns out to have chaotic results? These friends are hit with one tragedy after another as they attempt to walk the line of the straight and narrow. They soon learn that it’s not so easy to stay on the right side when the lines blur quite often.


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