Book 1- Beautiful

By: Kiexiza Rodriquez

The Beautiful Mess Series, Vol. 1


“You’re driving along the road of life…, all seems well…, quiet, when you look in your rear view mirror and your past is sitting there…, WAITING!”

You can never really move forward until you heal, and deal with the issues from your past.

Category: Inspirational Romance

Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment

IBSN 13: 978-1-463-65039-1
ISBN 10: 1-463-65039-6
ISBN SmashWords: 978-1-4524-6673-6
LCCN: 2011932578

Expectant Release Date: July 2011
Page count: 300
Size: 6×9, Paper Back

Business Website:

Radio Show:



Tierra Rodriquez, by most people’s standards is living the glamorous life. She is a successful business woman, who has worked her way up the male dominated ladder, at Baxwell Enterprisez, to land as head of the Marketing, Media and Entertainment Department, despite being haunted by ghosts from her past. But while she tries to juggle life, work, friendship, and a new love, Tierra finds her tightly wound cord of lies beginning to unravel for the first time in her adult life.
From trying her hand at love for the first time in her life, to estranged mother showing up at her doorstep, to her best friend laying her own set of secrets in her lap and a confession from her boss that shatters all she’s knows so far. Tierra is tested to the brink of sanity and lands in the one place she swore she’d never return seeking solace.

After enduring the tragic death of the one he had searched so long for, Aquarian Skeene is hurt, confused and there is only one person on his mind, Tierra. Desiring to rekindle their lapsed friendship, and make good on a promise, he makes a phone call that’s seems to set off a series of events that takes them both down a path of unfamiliarity and uncertainty. As he tries to settle into his new job, and deal with his own secrets he is thrown into a life and death fight that brings everyone in both of their lives face to face testing not only their endurance but their faith.

With everything they know put on the chopping block on a daily basis, will these two get their act together and figure out what path they are destined to be on? Or will they continue to fall apart and  become victims of their own secrets and silent fears?

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